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Kev's MD-11 site

October 2014;

Stop Press - calling any Convair fans out there!!!!

Are their any people out who will be in Canada for the last MD11 flights to Europe on October 25th also interested in taking a flight on a Convair 580?
After talks with Nolinar about a pleasure flight from Montreal Mirabel, i am able on to offer on  Saturday October 25th, probably around 1100 down to Ottawa and back, time to get off and get pictures at Ottawa, before arriving back around 1300-1400. Costs will depend on numbers travelling but as a guide i expect;

20 PAX - GBP 460, EUR 552, USD 742, CAD 825
25 PAX - GBP 370, EUR 444, USD 596, CAD 660
30 PAX - GBP 310, EUR 372, USD 499, CAD 550
35 PAX - GPB 270, EUR 324, USD 434, CAD 471
40 PAX - GBP 235, EUR 282, USD 378, CAD 412
45 PAX - GBP 210, EUR 252, USD 338, CAD 366
49 PAX - GBP 195, EUR 234, USD 314, CAD 336 (MAX load)

If numbers are low, then as an option, we can go to Ottawa, touch and go and back to Mirabel at a cheaper cost if that is a better option for you with the prices for that start at GBP 365 for 20 pax and and GBP 155 for 49 if full? 

You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements to/from Mirabel. Please email me below with any questions or a booking.

October 15th;

Convair 580 flight Mirabel to Ottawa and return confirmed for 25th October departing 1030. Still seats availble, email me for details.

Contact Me;

Welcome to my MD11 web site. Check back regularly for updates. I don't always update the front page as often as i should but Latest News, Production lists and the Operator(s) pages do get updated more frequently.  Latest news and operators pages updated this week.

2014 will mark the end of scheduled MD11 operated passenger services and in all likelihood any MD11 operated passenger flights. (It also marked the end of DC10 operated passenger flights too when Biman retired their last DC10 at the end of February 2014). KLM plan to fiinish MD11 operations on 25th October 2014 so make the most of it whilst you can.

A petition has been launched in the Netherlands to keep a KLM  MD11 from the scrap man, Its in Dutch of course,  although if you open the page with google chrome it should offer a translation. Please sign it, hopefully with many signatures notice will be taken and KLM will be able to save one. Click the link below;

KLM MD11 petition

I am getting around to putting my digital photo's on Flickr. Click the link below to view them.

My photo's on Flickr

Sponsored Links;

2 web sites to you might like take a look at, Northern Lady - New MD11 book recently out, written by a former Lufthansa Cargo MD11 pilot and Felix Gottwald photography have produced a 2014 MD11 calender; check them out from the links below.

Northbound Lady - New MD11 book

MD11 2014 Calender

I was fortunate to be at Long Beach recently, having taken a flight on another fine Douglas aircraft, the DC-8. We had a brief visit to (what's left) the former Douglas plant, and Building 84 where the DC-8. Dc-10 and MD11 were built. Sad to see it the way it is now, i never went there in its heydays. I have now at least got a picture of the iconic sign that sits above the factory. Long may it continue so.

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