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Archive News - 2011

January 15th 2011;

It would seem the legalities at Transmile have now been sorted out as the 4 Transmile MD11S's that have been parked up at Kuala Lumpur are now to be sold to Fedex.

April 11th 2011;

Lufthansa Cargo have started a 3 x weekly MD11 service Frankfurt-Barcelona though you'll have to stay up till 2225 to see it on days 357. It departs back to Franfurt the following morning at 0205. Another new service commenced to Shenzhen, also 3 x weekly with 2 of teh services operating via Kolkata (also a new destination) and the other via Riyadh outward and Delhi on the return. With thanks to for the info, these are the Summer 2011 MD11 routes;

2 weekly Frankfurt – Atlanta vv
5 weekly Frankfurt – Chicago vv (4 from 18APR11; 3 from 02JUL11)
5 weekly Frankfurt – Chicago – Mexico City – Dallas – Frankfurt (4 from 18APR11)
1 weekly Frankfurt – Dallas – Manchester – Frankfurt
1 weekly Frankfurt – Dallas – Mexico City vv
5 weekly Frankfurt – New York JFK vv
1 weekly Frankfurt – New York JFK – Manchester – Frankfurt (till 27JUL11)
2 weekly Frankfurt – Toronto – Atlanta – Frankfurt
3 weekly Frankfurt – Dakar – Viracopos vv
2 weekly Frankfurt – Dakar – Viracopos – Buenos Aires vv
1 weekly Frankfurt – Dakar – Viracopos – Curitiba vv
1 weekly Frankfurt – Dakar – Viracopos – Curitiba – Quito – Bogota – Aguadilla – Amsterdam – Frankfurt
2 weekly Frankfurt – Dakar – Viracopos – Manaus – Quito – Bogota – Aguadilla – Amsterdam – Frankfurt
4 weekly Frankfurt – Nairobi – Johannesburg vv (1 weekly from 24APR11 till 30JUN11)
4 weekly Frankfurt – Bangalore – Chennai – Sharjah – Frankfurt
2 weekly Frankfurt – Cairo – Sharjah – Hong Kong – Almaty – Frankfurt
3 weekly Frankfurt – Delhi – Guangzhou – Krasnojarsk – Frankfurt
1 weekly Frankfurt – Doha – Sharjah – Hong Kong – Almaty – Frankfurt
1 weekly Frankfurt – Jeddah – Sharjah – Hong Kong – Almaty – Frankfurt
2 weekly Frankfurt – Kolkata – Shenzhen vv
4 weekly Frankfurt – Krasnoyarsk – Osaka – Tianjin – Krasnoyarsk – Frankfurt (1 weekly from 02MAY11)
9 weekly Frankfurt – Krasnodar – Shanghai Pu Dong vv
7 weekly Frankfurt – Moscow Sheremetyevo – Tokyo Narita – Krasnojarsk – Frankfurt
2 weekly Frankfurt – Mumbai – Hong Kong – Almaty – Frankfurt
3 weekly Frankfurt – Mumbai – Hyderabad – Sharjah – Frankfurt (2 from 01MAY11)
1 weekly Frankfurt – Riyadh – Sharjah – Bangkok – Hong Kong – Almaty – Frankfurt
1 weekly Frankfurt – Shenzhen – Riyadh – Delhi – Frankfurt
1 weekly Frankfurt – Sharjah – Bangkok – Hong Kong – Almaty – Frankfurt

Barring charter flights operated by World Airways,(and 2 the 2 Saudi vip aircraft of course) KLM are the sole operator of passenger configured MD11's. KLM annual Summer/Winter time table alterations continue apace. The airline resumed services to Miami in March with a 4 x weekly MD11 service after a 4 year absence. A new 3 x weekly MD11 service to Havana commences in October with 2 of the 3 flights going Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. These services were previously opertaed by Martinair who are ceasing passenger flights this Summer. MD11 services to Ecuador cease in October when the 5 x weekly service changes to 777 operation and will run non stop instead of going via Bonaire. Bonaire however retains MD11 services daily though, with a 5 x weekly Amsterdam-Aruba-Bonaire-Amsterdam and twice weekly Amsterdam-Curacao-Bonaire-Amsterdam schedule. Also returning to MD11 operations in October 2011 is the Amsterdam-Kilimanjaro-Dar Es Salem-Amsterdam service. Adjustmenst on other routes continue as well. See the operators-passenger page for more details.

Only 1 MD11F now left operating for China Cargo airlines now that B-2172 and B-2175 have joined Skylease Cargo. B-2174 will also join Skylease later this year bringing to end almost 20 years of MD11 operations with the carrier ( including China Eastern Ailrines) as they re-equip with Boeing 777 freighters.

Skylease Cargo have taken 2 more MD11F's from China Cargo and will in fact have taken all 6 by the end of 2011. N953AR is ex B-2175 and N955AR is ex B-2172. N954AR will be the last to join the fleet (ex B-2174).

As last reported in January, Fedex have taken the 4 ex Transmile MD11F's. I believe they are not yet in service and probably need looking over as they have been parked in Kuala Lumpur for some time. They are registered;
N642FE (9M-TGR), N643FE (9M-TGS), N644FE (9M-TGP) and N645FE (9M-TGQ). Hopefully they'll be back in service soon.

August 1st 2011;

All remaining China Cargo MD11's have now gone to Skylease cargo which ends the carries (and parent company China Eastern) 20 year association with the MD11 to a close.

KLM's new service to Calgary commenced on 29th June with PH-KCB. The flight is only an MD11 short term though, going over to A330 operation after August.

August 23rd 2011;

World Airways MD11 N269WA was chartered by Air Transat on 19/20th August to operate TSC522/523 Toronto-London Gatwick vv.

A new cargo airline in Finland commenced operatins on 4th August. Nordic Global Airlines (NGA) are a joint venture between Finnair and Neff Capital management. Ilmarinen mutual insurance also have a stake. Former Finnair MD11F OH-LGD is thier first aircraft, painted all white and operated the first service on 4th August from Helsinki to Hong Kong. OH-LGC continues to operate for Finnair at this time.

August 31st 2011;

Lufthansa MD11F D-ALCC has had special stickers applied celebrating 100 years of air cargo from Germany.

September 22nd 2011;

Former Shanghai MD11F B-2176 has returned to Taiwan and been re-registered N304MS and painted all white. It has been parked up for a while, not yet sure of its fate.

After retiring its MD11F's recently, China Cargo have now inherited 3 more with the merger of China Eastern and Shangahi Airlines. China Cargo have also taken in Great Wall Airlines and its Boeing 747's as part of the merger.

The KLM/Air France group have placed a long awaited order for wide body aircraft. The order is made up of B787 and A350 aircraft. KLM's MD11's will be replaced by the 787 which are due to enter service in 2016 - so the MD11's have got a good few years left yet which is fantastic news. Some of the fleet will probably not make it through to that time. They are going through 'D' checks now and not all maybe done.

October 31st 2011;

After retiring its own fleet of MD11's, China Cargo have now inherited 3 more after the acquisition of Shanghai Cargo Airlines. B-2179 has now been repainted into China Cargo colours whilst the others retain Shanghai's livery. Not sure how long China Cargo will keep thier 'new' MD11's as they have quiet a few B777 freighters in the fleet with more coming.

Major news from KLM is that it is expected their first MD11 will be withdrawn from service around March/April 2012 when the carrier recieves it first A330-300. It is expected PH-KCH will be the first aircraft to go.

KLM winter schedules have commenced. Main changes are loss of MD11 services to Quito, Tehran, Vancouver and Delhi but services resume to Dar Es Salem, Dubai and Accra, as well as taking over services to Havana and Punta Cana from Martinair for the Winter - see the operators/passenger page for full details.

The first of the new flights to Cuba, KL 721 was operated by PH-KCF on Monday 31st October.

An additional 3 x weekly MD11 service to Los Angeles is planned next Summer June-September.

December 31st;

Sad news at the end of 2011 is Cargoitalia is grounded. Although the airline is successfull and had plenty of work, the collapse of the banking system in Italy has left the airline without any financing. The fleet is currently parked up, EI-UPE in Singapore and EI-UPI/EMS at Frankfurt. Hopefully a buyer can be found soon and get the fleet back in the air.

KLM's new winter service to Miami looks set to be just that - a Winter service. The flights will ceases at the end of March 2012 but are scheduled to resume at the end off October 2012 with MD11's operating the route.

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