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Specs/Technical Details

page updated 17/02/2006

McDonnel Douglas Product card for the standard MD11.

The MD11 comes in five models, all with the same dimensions. The standard MD11 or MD11P, the full freighter or MD11F, the convertable freighter or MD11CF, the combi or MD11C and the extended range or MD11ER model.
The aircraft came with the choice of four engines. The most popular and fitted to 119 of the 200 MD11's is the General Electric GE CF6-80C2 with a maximum thrust of 61,500lb's. Pratt & Whitney offer two power plants. The PW4460 gives a thurst of 60,000lb's whilst the PW4462 gives you 62,000lb's. Only 14 aircraft have the PW4462 with Martinair the only airline ordering it for its entire fleet. The fourth engine was the Rolls Royce RB211-524L offering 65,000lb's of thrust. It was ordered by Air Europe but after they went bankrupt and no other airline ordered the engines for its MD11's the engine options were dropped from the MD11 programme.

Mcdonnel Douglas promotional artist impression photo with an MD11 carrying the older house colours from around 1987.

MD11 Dimensions/Stats;

Engine Info;

Mcdonnel Douglas product cards for the MD11CF (convertible freighter)and MD11C (combi). Whilst these versions offer airlines flexibility, few were built of either version. Only 5 Combi's were built, all for Alitalia. These have since been converted to full freighters whilst 6 CF's were built for Martinair (4) and World Airways (2).

The MD11 has proven itself to be an excellent freighter with many aircraft being converted after their life as a passenger aircraft has ended ensuring we will see them flying for many years to come.

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