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MD11 Operators - Historical M-Z

page updated 18/01/2016;

Malaysia Airlines have leased MD11's from World Airways since 1994. Four were leased in 1994, 3 passenger and 1 freighter models. A further 2 freighters were leased the following year. Aircraft were predominatley white with malaysia titles on the forward fuse and the airlines red and blue logo on the tail.

N271WA cn 48518, leased 04/93-07/93,10/94-04/95,06/95-08/97.
N272WA cn 48437, leased 10/94-04/95,08/95-10/97.
N273WA cn 48519, leased 10/94-04/95,08/95-06/97.

N271WA on lease from World to Malaysian Airlines at Hong Kong's Kai Tak airport on 25/06/1995. (Photo courtesy of Colin Parker)

MASkargo leased 3 MD11's from world between 1994 and 2000 for different periods. 2 were MD11CF's and the other an MD11F. Liveries caried included the full MASkargo livery on N275WA to a white fuse with MASkargo titles and logo on the tail.

N274WA cn 48633. Leased 11/94-09/97,12/97-09/98.
N275WA CN 48631. Leased 06/95-05/96,09/98-03/99,05/99-02/00.
N276WA cn 48632. Leased 08/95-04/96,05/96-10/96,08/97-08/98.

World MD11 N274WA leased to MASKargo on approach to London Heathrow 30/05/1998. (Photo courtesy of Snorre - VIP Vienna International

Mandarin operated MD11's leased from China Airlines. Five MD11's in all were operated between 1993 and 2000 in full Mandarin colours on its own flights and flights for parent company China Airlines.

B-150 cn 48468. Leased to Mandarin 07/93-02/99.
B-151 cn 48469. Leased to Mandarin 11/95-12/99.
B-152 cn 48470. Leased to Mandarin xx/96-02/99.
B-153 cn 48471. Leased to Mandarin 10/95-08/98.
N489GX cn 48458. Leased to Mandarin 10/97-01/00.

See China Airlines for more aircraft info.

This can only be one place with an approach like that! B-153 at Kai Tak in the mid 1990's. (Photo courtesy of Andew Hunt)

British charter airline Monarch leased MD11's from World Airways to increase capacity on long haul charters from Manchester, primarily to Orlando's Sanford airport. In all, 3 aircraft were leased until Monarch's A330's were delivered. The MD11's flew all white with Monarch titles on the forward fuselage and the Monarch "M" logo on the tail in black.

N273WA cn 48519 operated 06-08/1998.
N277WA cn 48743 operated 08-11/1998 & 05/1999.
N278WA cn 48746 operated 05/1999.

Philippine Airlines leased a total of four MD11's from World Airways between 1996 and 1998 to supplement thier long haul fleet. They operated in full Philippines colours and could be seen at places such as Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Paris amongst others.

N275WA cn 48631 operated 09/96-02/98
N276WA cn 48632 operated 10/96-08/97
N277WA cn 48743 operated 06/96-09/97
N278WA cn 48746 operated 06/96-11/97

Superb picture of Philippines MD11 N278WA at Frankfurt in November 1996. (Photo courtesy of Oliver Brunke)

Saudi Arabian Airlines operated 5 MD11's. 4 are Freighters and 1 is a VIP transport. The VIP aircraft used to visit the UK occasionally whilst the freighters seldom did. They were best seen in Brussels where they transited to/from New York. All 4 freighters are now parked at Jeddah and have not been used since 2014, their fate unknown.

HZ-ANA (MD11F) cn 48773, HZ-AND (MD11F) cn 48777
HZ-ANB (MD11F) cn 48775, HZ-HM7 (MD11P) cn 48532
HZ-ANC (MD11F) cn 48776

HZ-ANB suffered a heavy landing and nose gear damage at Khartoum in 2009. It was repaired and flown back to Jeddah and is still there, possibly being used as a spares source.

I've added a link for Saudi's web site as you can get the cargo schedules from there.

Shanghai Cargo Airlines were started as a joint venture between Shanghai Airlines, Eva Air and the Evergreen group and commenced cargo services in the Summer of 2006 late 2005 with an MD11F acquired from EVA Air. They have acquired 2 more MD11's from Eva in 2006 and 2007 respectively and recently taken delivery of their fourth MD11F, again from Eva. They operated out of Shangahi's Pu Dong International airport to destinations such as Mumbai, Macau, Frankfurt, Anchorage and Los Angeles. In 2011 Shanghai Airlines were taken over by China Eastern and the MD11's were operated under the China Cargo brand, whose own MD11's had been retired some years earlier when replaced by newer 777 freighters. This has now happened with the ex Shanghai Airlines MD11's and in late 2013 all are now stored awaiting their future. 

B-2176 cn 48515 (ex B-16103), to N304MS stored Taipei.
B-2177 cn 48544 (ex N105EV), to N216SC stored Marana.
B-2178 cn 48543 (ex B-16102), to N543JN stored Marana.
B-2179 cn 48545 (ex B-16106), stored Shanghai.

B-2176 is seen at Macau in August 2005. (Photo courtesy of Nick Lack)

Sabena leased two MD11's from Citybird after an agreement was signed between the two companies in 1997. The MD11's were used between 1998 and 2001 to North America and Africa initially but both finnished on routes from Brussels to Johannesburg, Bamako and Conarky. They operated in full Sabena colours. Shortly after the MD11's were returned, Citybird went bankrupt. Sadly, later in the same year Sabena also went bankrupt.

OO-CTC cn 48780 operated 05/98-02/01. Now with Finnair as OH-LGE.
OO-CTS cn 48756 operated 04/98-03/01. Now with World Airways as N279WA.

Sabena leased 2 MD11's from Citybird for long haul flights from Brussels where OO-CTS is seen in September 2000. (Photo courtesy of Paul Jongeneelen)

Argentine cargo airline STAF leased an MD11 from World Airways in August 1998 for flights between Argentina and the USA. Miami was one if its destinations. The aircraft initially had a white fuse, with a yellow tail and STAF written on the tail engine and the airlines logo above it. Later, a yellow cheatline and STAF CARGO titles on the forward fuse were added. The winglets were also painted yellow and carried the logo and STAF titles.

N276WA cn 48632 operated 08/98-02/00.

STAF Cargo leased N276WA from World Airways and it is seen in full colours at Miami on 21/10/1998. (Photo courtesy of Airwim)

French charter airline STAR leased an MD11 from Citybird to operate flights from Paris Orly to Reunion from 12/96-03/97. The aircraft operated in full Citybird colours.

OO-CTB cn 48766

Swissair were a long time Douglas operator and ordered MD11's to succeed its fleet of DC10's. Swissair were one of the launch customers for the MD11 and signed an order for 6 firm + 12 options in December 1996. 10 options were later converted to firm orders. They also acquired 4 ex LTU MD11's in 1997 to replace its older B747/300's and had a fleet of 20 MD11's at that time. Tragically they lost HB-IWF in 1998 when it crashed off of the Nova Scotia coast whilst operating SR 111 from New York to Geneva. The Swissair MD11's operated all long haul flights from Zurich to North & South America, Africa, Asia and the far East. They could also be seen at Heathrow airport, initially on crew training flights but laterly on a scheduled morning departure from Zurich. Airbus A330 and A340's were orderd to eventually replace the MD11's and a deal was signed with Fedex to take the entire fleet of MD11's for freighters. After the tragic events of 9/11 Swissair went bankrupt. Crossair took over the operations of Swissairs long haul flights and the new airline became Swiss International. Some routes were dropped in a cost cutting exercise and the deal with Fedex was cancelled. The MD11's were due to be retired in 2003 but they kept on going right through till October 2004 with one aircraft retained to operate the daily Zuirch-Chicago flight. HB-IWE operated the final flight on 31/10/04 and i was lucky enough to be on it (cost me a bit though-i don't think my credit card has recovered totally but i don't regret it one iota).

HB-IWA cn 48443/458 03/91-07/04, converted to freighter, to Fedex as N624FE.
HB-IWB cn 48444/459 03/91-11/03, to Varig as PP-VTF.
HB-IWC cn 48445/460 04/91-04/04, converted to freighter, was for Fedex, but now with Martinair as PH-MCY.
HB-IWD cn 48446/463 05/91-11/03, to Varig as PP-VTG.
HB-IWE cn 48447/464 06/91-10/04, Operated final Swiss flight 30/10/04, converted to freighter, to Fedex as N628FE.
HB-IWF cn 48448/465 08/91, Aircraft written off Peggy's Cove,NS 02/09/98.
HB-IWG cn 48452/472 09/91-11/02, converted to freighter, to UPS as N282UP.
HB-IWH cn 48453/473 10/91-11/02, stored until 2005, to Air Namibia as V5-NMD.
HB-IWI cn 48454/477 11/91-06/04, stored then converted to freighter, to Fedex as N631FE.
HB-IWK cn 48455/487 02/92-03/04, to Varig as PP-VTJ.
HB-IWL cn 48456/494 04/92-04/04, to Varig as PP-VTI.
HB-IWM cn 48457/498 06/92-11/03, to Varig as PP-VTH.
HB-IWN cn 48539/571 07/94-07/04, to Varig as PP-VTP.
HB-IWO cn 48540.611 03/97-12/04, to Varig as PP-VTK.
HB-IWP cn 48634/614 07/97-o6/03, stored Mojave, converted to freighter, to UPS as N280UP.
HB-IWQ cn 48541/621 11/97-09/04, to Varig as PP-VTU.
HB-IWR cn 48484/484 10/98-05/03, ex LTU D-AERB, to Air Namibia as V5-NMC.
HB-IWS cn 48485/502 11/98-09/02, ex LTU D-AERW, converted to freighter, to Transmile as 9M-TGR.
HB-IWT cn 48486/509 11/98-04/02, ex LTU D-AERX, converted to freighter, to Transmile as 9M-TGS.
HB-IWU cn 48538/533 10/98-04/02, ex LTU D-AERZ, converted to freighter, to UPS as N281UP.

The 3 pictures below show HB-IWK at Hong Kong in February 96 in the original livery, HB-IWB at Zurich in February 02 in the short lived qualifier livery and HB-IWS at Singapore in June 01 in the final livery before bankruptcy.(all courtesy of Andrew Hunt)

Several Europan airlines rebranded aircraft with "Asia" titles in the mid 1990's including British Airways, Air France and Swissair. Two Swissair MD11's recieved the branding and a further 6 followed over the years which consisted of asia swissair titles on the fuse and a Chinese dragon on the tail in place of the Swiss cross and coincided with the launch of services from Zurich to Taipei in April 1995. HB-IWL was the first to recieve the rebrand.

HB-IWC cn 48445, HB-IWI cn 48454.
HB-IWD cn 48446, HB-IWN cn 48455.
HB-IWE cn 48447, HB-IWL cn 48456.
HB-IWG cn 48452, HB-IWN cn 48539.

See Swissair for full details of the above aircraft.

Swissair Asia MD11 HB-IWG off the beaten track in Atlanta 02/05/2001. (Photo courtesy of Gregg Stansbery)

Swiss International was formed in 2002 after the collapse of the original Swissair in 2001. Crossair took over the operations of the former carrier and the new airline still uses Crossairs IATA codes (LX). 14 MD11's were retained for the new carrier until replaced by Airbus 330/340 aircraft in 2004. The new carrier's livery was rather plain compared to Swissair, with just a red cross on the tail, and red titles on the fuse with the new logo and everything else white.

HB-IWA cn 48443, HB-IWK cn 48455
HB-IWB cn 48444, HB-IWL cn 48456
HB-IWC cn 48445, HB-IWM cn 48457
HB-IWD cn 48446, HB-IWN cn 48539
HB-IWE cn 48447, HB-IWO cn 48540
HB-IWH cn 48453, HB-IWP cn 48634
HB-IWI cn 48454, HB-IWQ cn 48541

See Swissair for full details of the above aircraft.

Above- HB-IWA was one of the last MD11's to operate for Swiss and retained a hybrid livery of the old and new. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Hunt). Below-Swiss MD11 HB-IWE at Zurich October 2004 after its final scheduled flight from Chicago (photo author).

TAM acquired 3 former Varig MD11's in a deal with Boeing Co that saw them order B777's at the same time. The MD11's were leased for around 18 months, supplementing the A330 fleet and to help with the airlines expansion plans until the delivery of the B777's in the summer of 2008. The first 2 aircraft joined the fleet early in 2007 with the final a/c in March 2007. MD11 services commenced on 4th Feb 07 from Sao Paolo to Paris and a month later to Milan. Both flights continued until late Summmer 2008 when the Milan service went to 767 operation. The Paris service finnished November 2008. All 3 MD11's went to Venice for freighter conversion. PT-MSI was the first to leave the fleet in September 08.

PT-MSH cn 48755 (ex PP-VQJ), to Fedex N572FE.
PT-MSI cn 48758 (ex PP-VQK), to Ethiopian ET-AML.
PT-MSJ cn 48769 (ex PP-VQX), to Fedex N573FE.

Thai Airways were a long time DC10 operator when they ordered 4 GE powered MD11's to replace them in December 1986. They were one of the launch customers for the MD11. The first, HS-TMD was delivered in June 1991 a few days after a follow up order of 3 more MD11's was made. Later however, the airline decided against an expansion programme and the additional 3 aircraft were never built. MD11 service started in July 1991 from Bangkok to Los Angeles. Over the years the MD11's operated to destinations in Asia, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe including Zurich and Rome. They also served Moscow for a short time in 2005/2006. 2 of the 4 were repainted in 2005 into Thai's stunning new livery (TMD and TME). Thai announced in 2005 that the MD11's would be sold after retirement in March 2006 to the highest bidder. An American Leasing company bought them and leased them to UPS after freighter conversion.

HS-TMD cn 48416/466 06/91-03/06, converted to freighter, to UPS as N258UP.
HS-TME cn 48417/467 07/91-03/06, converted to freighter, to UPS as N259UP.
HS-TMF cn 48418/501 07/92-03/06, converted to freighter, to UPS as N260UP.
HS-TMG cn 48451/505 07/92-03/06, converted to freighter, to UPS as N257UP.

Above-Thai MD11 HS-TMD at Zurich in May 2004 (Photo author) whilst below, HS-TMD/ E were repainted in the stunning new Thai livery in 2005. HS-TME is pictured at Bangkok in February 2006. (Photo courtesy of Sam Chui)

Tradewinds acquired former Alitalia MD11F EI-UPA and began operations at the end of September 2009 from the USA to South America. A second former Alitalia MD11F which also had been earmarked for Tradewinds went instead to Centurion Air Cargo. The airline was purchased in 2010 by Sky Lease 1 and renamed/merged into Skylease Cargo, an affiliate of Centurion Air Cargo and 4 MD11's are now operated. Sadly no MD11 made it into Tradewinds distinctive blue livery, instead N986AR retained its basic green stripes from its days with Alitalia.

N986AR cn 48426 ex EI-UPA

Still wearing its former Alitalia colours is N986AR pictured operating for Tradewinds and now with Skylease Cargo stillin these colours. (Thanks to Robert Collazo for the picture)

Malaysia based airline Transmile Air Services were a well established cargo airline in SE Asia, operating a fleet of Boeing 727/737's. In 2005 they expanded their network with services from Kuala Lumpur to Los Angeles with 4 MD11's, all of which were ex passenger examples converted to freighters from Swissair or Varig. They were based in Kuala Lumpur at the old international airport at Subang (SZB). In August 2008 legal issues at the airline forced all MD11's to be grounded and long haul services halted though inter Asian service continued. The issue was finally resolved in 2011 when Fedex took all 4 aircraft into its fleet.

9M-TGP cn 48444 (ex PP-VTF), to Fedex N644FE.
9M-TGQ cn 48485 (ex PP-VTG), to Fedex N645FE.
9M-TGR cn 48446 (ex HB-IWS), to Fedex N642FE.
9M-TGS cn 48486 (ex HB-IWT), to Fedex N643FE.

Pictured below is 9M-TGP at Anchorage during my visit in 2006.

USAfrica airlines was formed in 1993 to operate scheduled passenger and cargo services from Washington's Dulles airport to African destinations. Two MD11's were leased from American airlines and retained American's metal fuselage but had a red cheatline added, along with a blue USAfrica titles on the forward fuse, a dark blue tail with the airlines logo in red. The winglets were also painted blue. Flights commenced on 03/06/94 from Dulles to Johannesburg. Operations ceased in February 1995 when the airline filed for chapter 11 and the MD11's were returned to American.

N1757A cn 48505-leased from American 06/94-02/95.
N1758B cn 48527-leased from American 04/94-02/95.

USAfrica MD11 N1758B leased from American Airlines at Washington's Dulles airport 15/05/1994. (Photo courtesy of George W.Hamlin)

VASP started its International services after privatisation in 1990. An order was placed on 14/10/91 for 9 MD11's with the first 2 being leased from Mitsui and delivered in early 1992. PH-KCI was also leased for 3 years from KLM. International destinations included New York , Tokyo, Toronto and Brussels. Four MD11's were returned after financial difficulties in early 2000 and some international routes were suspended. All MD11's had finnished operating by the end of 2000 and the carrier has never recovered from its fianancial problems, ceasing operations in early 2005. Varig took some of the MD11's from Vasp whilst others went for freighter conversion.

PP-SFA cn 48768/601 06/96-04/01, converted to freighter, to UPS as N252UP.
PP-SFD cn 48769/603 11/96-05/01, to Varig as PP-VQX.
PP-SOW cn 48413/488 02/92-05/00, to Varig as PP-VQL.
PP-SOZ cn 48414/491 03/92-05/00, to Varig as PP-VQM.
PP-SPD cn 48411/453 01/94-04/01, ex Delta Air Lines N891DL, converted to freighter, to Gemini Cargo as N703GC.
PP-SPE cn 48412/454 12/93-06/00, ex Delta Air Lines N892DL, converted to freighter, to Gemini Cargo as N705GC.
PP-SPK cn 48744/592 11/95-12/00, converted to freighter, to UPS as N251UP.
PP-SPL cn 48745/596 12/95-12/00, converted to freighter, first MD11F for UPS, to UPS as N250UP.
PP-SPM cn 48563/593 12/95-08/98, leased from KLM 08/98. Active with KLM as PH-KCI.
N277WA cn 48743/590, leased in June 1998 for 2 months.

Vasp MD11 PP-SOW on finals to LAX in July 1996. (Photo courtesy of Frank C.Duarte Jr.)

Varig were a long time DC10 operator and naturally became one of the launch customers for the MD11, ordering 6 GE powered aircraft in 1986. The first aircraft was delivered in 1991. A further 3 GE powered MD11's were acquired from Garuda between 1996 and 1997 and another 6 ex Garuda MD11's were leased from Boeing Capital from 1999. The first 2 original MD11's left the fleet in 2000 but 3 more ex Vasp aircraft were added shortly after. At one time Varig had a fleet of 16 MD11's operating. 9 more MD11's, this time PW powered, were acquired from Swissair from 2003 as earlier aircraft left the fleet. Varig have operated 27 different MD11's over the years in all. In service the MD11's could be seen in places such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles and many destinations in Europe and South America. After the finacial collapse of Varig in 2006 most International routes were suspended but 3 MD11's were kept and a daily Rio De Janeiro/Sao Paolo-Frankfurt operated. PP-VTI operated the last flight on 8/9th June 2007. Several liveries have been carried over the years, Varigs original 'retro' type livery was the first livery carried, then the revised colours launched in 1996 featuring dark blue tail and belly with the new gold star logo and small Varig Brasil titles. Latterly the titles were made a lot bigger. 2 aircraft carried the Star Alliance livery, the only MD11's to wear these colours (PP-VTH/U) and 2 have also special colours applied for the Fifa football world cup, PP-VPP in 1998 and PP-VTI in 2006. The MD11's have been replaced by Boeing 767's and Varig have now started to expand slowly again and more aircraft (737/767) are expected to join the fleet. The other major Brazilian airline TAM Brasil have leased 3 ex Varig MD11's for long haul flights from Sao Paolo and these will continue to fly till Summer 2008. The cargo arm of Varig, Varig Logistica continues to operate 2 MD11 freighters.

PP-VOP GE cn 48434/416 11/91-01/00, converted to freighter, to Gemini Cargo N701GC.
PP-VOQ GE cn 48435/478 12/91-01/00, converted to freighter, to Gemini Cargo N702GC.
PP-VPJ GE cn 48404/523 12/92-04/05, converted to freighter, to UPS N255UP.
PP-VPK GE cn 48405/524 12/92-05/05, converted to freighter, to UPS N256UP.
PP-VPL GE cn 48406/547 12/93-05/02, converted to freighter, to UPS N254UP.
PP-VPM GE cn 48439/554 12/93-05/02, converted to freighter, to UPS N253UP.
PP-VPN GE cn 48499/486 12/96-12/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N574FE.
PP-VPO GE cn 48500/493 04/97-12/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N574FE.
PP-VPP GE cn 48501/513 09/97-10/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N574FE.
PP-VQF GE cn 48502/520 01/99-06/06, for Aeroflot.
PP-VQG GE cn 48503/528 01/99-06/06, for Aeroflot.
PP-VQH GE cn 48504/548 11/98-06/06, for Aeroflot.
PP-VQI GE cn 48753/608 09/98-09/05, to Finnair OH-LGG (MD11ER).
PP-VQJ GE cn 48755/613 10/99-06/06, to TAM PT-MSH (MD11ER).
PP-VQK GE cn 48758/615 11/99-06/06, to TAM PT-MSI (MD11ER).
PP-VQL GE cn 48413/488 05/00-08/04, converted to freighter, to Lufthansa Cargo D-ALCO.
PP-VQM GE cn 48414/491 05/00-08/04, converted to freighter, to Lufthansa Cargo D-ALCP.
PP-VQX GE cn 48769/603 05/01-02/05, to TAM PT-MSJ.
PP-VTF PWcn 48444/459 12/03-08/04, converted to freighter, to Transmile 9M-TGP.
PP-VTG PW cn 48446/463 12/03-07/04, converted to freighter, to Transmile 9M-TGQ.
PP-VTH PW cn 48457/498 12/03-05/06, converted to freighter, to UPS N285UP.
PP-VTI PW cn 48456/494 03/04-06/07, converted to freighter, to UPS N290UP.
PP-VTJ PW cn 48459/487 03/04-03/07, converted to freighter, to UPS N289UP.
PP-VTK PW cn 48540/611 05/04-01/07, converted to freighter, to UPS N288UP.
PP-VTP PW cn 48539/571 07/04-11/06, converted to freighter, to UPS N287UP.
PP-VTU PW cn 48541/621 09/04-01/06, converted to freighter, to UPS N284UP.
PP-VTV PW cn 48453/473 09/04-03/05, never entered service with Varig, leased instead to Air Namibia as V5-NMD.

In the Original livery PP-VOP is seen on approach to Heathrow in 1998. (photo courtesy of A.J.Best)

In the revised livery launched in 1996, PP-VQI is seen on approach to Frankfurt in April 2004. (Photo courtesy of Alan Lebeda), whilst below is PP-VQH at Frankfurt in October 2004 with the larger Varig titles (looks better i think, photo author)

PP-VTH is seen at Tokyo's Narita airport in September 2005 in the star alliance livery. (Photo courtesy of Stuart Lawson)

PP-VTI is seen at Porto Alegre in June 2006 with special World Cup 2006 stickers. (Photo courtesy of Marcos Oliveria)

Varig Logistica were the Cargo arm of Varig operating B727's, B757's, DC10's and laterly 2 MD11F's that were acquired from Korean Air in late 2004/early 2005. They operated the MD11's regularly to Mimai and los Angeles amongst others as well as occasional visits to London's Luton airport. With the financial collapse of Varig in 2007 operations were scaled back to mainly B727 operated flights and the MD11's were put into store. Both were re-regsitered and are currently stored at Miami with nothing lined up for the future as yet.

PR-LGD cn 48408 to N408SH
PR-LGE cn 48410 to N575SH

PR-LGE pictured at Sao Paolo (photo courtesy of jetsite)

Atlanta based World Airways operated a large fleet of DC10's before ordering MD11's in the early 90's. Although having no scheduled services of their won, World operated a lot a flights for other customers, especially the US military. Their aircraft were often leased out short or long term to other carriers. Airlines such as Air Canada, Eva Air,Lufthansa have used MD11 freighters from World whilst Aer Lingus, Air Jamaica, BWIA, Monarch and Malaysian have all leased passenger MD11's. They also operated a long term 3 x weekly flight from Houston to Luanda and Malabo on behalf of Sonair for workers in the oil industry with MD11 N278WA. In 2003/04 they increased their MD11 fleet with the acquisition of 3 former Delta aircraft though these left the fleet and went for freighter conversion for a new life with UPS. N801DE was leased to Ethiopean Airlines until August 2006 and operating Addis Abbaba to Washington. 3 more MD11F's were acquired late 2008 from the bankrupt Gemini Air Cargo fleet and another from Finnair in 2009. In February 2012 the airline filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing a large mixed fleet and high labour costs. As part of this process the fleet was reduced and only 7 MD11's were left operating (as well as 2 B747's). Finally in 2014 all flights ceased and many of the fleet arwe being scrapped.

N269WA (MD11P) cn 48450/479, 10/10-03/14 for part out and scrap at Victorville, CA
N270WA (MD11P) cn 48449/455, 07/09-02/12 for part out and scrap at Goodyear, AZ
N271WA (MD11P) cn 48518/525, 03/93-03/14 for part out and scrap at Tupelo
N272WA (MD11P) cn 48437/506, 04/93-03/14 stored at Goodyear, AZ
N273WA (MD11P) cn 48519/539, 07/93-10/13 stored at Goodyear, AZ
N274WA (MD11F) cn 48633/563, 03/94-02/12 stored at Goodyear, AZ
N275WA (MD11F) cn 48631/579, 03/95-07/12 stored at Goodyear, AZ
N276WA (MD11F) cn 48632/582, 03/95-04/12 stored at Goodyear, AZ
N277WA (MD11P) cn 48743/590, 11/95-01/12 stored at Goodyear, AZ
N278WA (MD11P) cn 48746/597, 03/96-01/12 to AV Cargo Z-BAM
N279WA (MD11F) cn 48756/623, 05/02-03/12 to AV Cargo Z-BPL
N280WA (MD11P) cn 48458/449, 06/94-09/97 to Fedex N578FE
N380WA (MD11F) cn 48407/456, 04/05-05/13 for part out and scrap at Ostend
N381WA (MD11F) cn 48523/516, 05/05-11/13 stored at Mohave, CA 
N382WA (MD11F) cn 48411/453, 11/08-02/14 to Western Global
N383WA (MD11F) cn 48412/454, 11/08-11/13 to Western Global
N384WA (MD11F) cn 48435/478, 10/08-04/12 to Western Global
N801DE (MD11P) cn 48472/480, 12/04-12/07 to UPS N294UP
N803DE (MD11P) cn 48474/485, 03/03-03/08 to UPS N296UP
N804DE (MD11P) cn 48475/489, 11/03-02/08 to UPS N295UP

Below is a pic of mine taken of N276WA at Anchorage in July 2006.

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