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MD11 Operators - Historical A-L

page updated 18/01/2016;

These next 2 pages are for the airlines which have operated MD11's in the past but sadly no longer do. Because there are quite a few i have split it over 2 pages and in alphabetical order, A-L, M-Z.

Aer Lingus leased an aircraft during the Summer months for a number of years including a B767, Lockheed Tristar and eventually an MD11. The MD11 was leased from World Airways for 4 consecutive Summers 1998-2001 and was painted in full Aer Lingus colours. (It remained in basic Aer Lingus colours for quite a while after the lease finnished). It operated flights Dublin/Shannon to New York and latterly Belfast/Shannon to New York. Aer lingus no longer lease aircraft during Summer months as they have enough Airbus A330's now.

N272WA cn 48437

Aer Lingus MD11 N272WA at New York's JFK airport in July 1999. (Photo courtesy of

Aeroflot had been trying to acquire MD11's for quite some time and through Boeing they signed a deal for 8 MD11's to be converted, leased from Boeing Capital. 5 Varig examples were part of the deal (including those leased to TAM), with the other 3 coming from Finnair. The first 2 were delivered mid 2008. This later changed to a total of 6 aircraft, 3 former Varig a/c which are in service already and 3 from Finnair were due in 2009. The first aircraft had its freighter conversion in Italy and had final work carried out in Helsinki. Problems with the Russian authorites and red tape prevented the aircraft entering service but this was resolved and a 3 x weekly Frankfurt (Hahn)-Moscow-Almaty-Hong Kong service began. 3 MD11's entered service but plans to have 6 by 2009 and 8 by 2010 stalled after the airline suffered heavy losses. Cargo operations finnished in 2013 and the 3 MD11's are now stored in Victorville, CA 

VP-BDP cn 48502 (ex PP-VQF), to N380BC
VP-BDQ cn 48504 (ex PP-VQH), to N382BC
VP-BDR cn 48503 (ex PP-VQG), to N383BC

VP-BDQ pictured on finals to Frankfurt Hahn 21/06/08 (Photo courtesy of Markus Braun)

Air Asia leased 2 World Airways MD11's for the Hadj pilgrimage in 1999. They operated from Kuala Lumpur's Subang airport. The aircraft were all white, carried Air Asia titles on the fuse with the black square logo of the Malaysian Hadj foundation on the tail.

N277WA cn 48743 (MD11ER) lsd 03/99-04-99
N278WA cn 48476 (MD11ER) Lsd 03/99-04/99

Air Canada signed a deal to lease 2 MD11F's from World Airways in 2005 on an ACMI basis for operation of cargo services between Canada and China with with further expansion and other aircraft on the cards. 3 aircraft were in service until 2007. MD11 operations reduced with the arrival of Air Canada's B777's to only 1 MD11 operating (though not a dedicated aircraft) and only Toronto to Frankfurt on AC1998/1999. 2 of the aircraft wore joint World Airways and Operated for Air Canada titles. (aircraft operating Air Canada have been N274/275/279/381WA) . I took the picture below at Anchorage in June 2006 showing N275WA with its joint World Airways and Air Canada titles.

Air Namibia leased HB-IWR from Swissair in August 2004 for the carriers resumption of long haul services - a 3 x weekly service from Windhoek to Frankfurt. Another MD11 was leased from Swissair (HB-IWH) in May 2005 when services to London Gatwick resumed. The Frankfurt service then operated 4 x weekly and London 3 x weekly. The MD11's were registered V5-NMC and NMD and were leased as a stop gap until the airline were able to acquire Airbus A340's, which they have been able to get from Lufthansa. The first 340 arrived in November 2005 to replace 'NMC', the second in November 2006. After service with Air Namibia, both MD11's were converted to freighters and fly for UPS. In early 2008, N803DE was leased from world Airways for 2 months to cover for an aircraft shortage and operated to both London and Frankfurt. It operated in its basic World retro colours with no titles. After its final flight to London Gatwick on 20th March it flew direct to Taipei and later on to Singapore for freighter conversion to operate for UPS.

V5-NMC cn 48484/484 08/04-11/05 ex Swissair HB-IWR, converted to freighter, to UPS N283UP.
V5-NMD cn 48453/473 05/05-08/06 ex Swissair HB-IWH, converted to freighter, to UPS N286UP.
N803DE cn 48474/485 01/08-03/08 lsd from World AW.

V5-NMD landing at Zurich on 16/08/2006. (Photo courtesy of Olav Rhensius/Propfreak collection)

Alitalia operated 8 MD11's at one time including the only 5 Combi examples built. They could be seen on many long haul flights from mainly Milan Malpensa to destinations such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai and New York. All 8 were retired in 2003 but in a surprising twist some were returned to service in 2004. This was in part due to Alitalia's financial posistion and the fact it was finding difficulty disposing of the Combi's. The final flight was on November 20th 2005, AZ771 from Mumbai to Milan with I-DUPU. The 3 MD11P's they operated have been converted to freighters and are now operated by Lufthansa.
The 5 Combi's were then converted to pure freighters and operated for Alitalia Cargo. They were re-registered with Irish registrations and continued to operate until the end of 2008 when Alitalia ceased cargo flights after financial restructuring. All 5 MD11's are currently stored but it is hoped ALIS Cargo will taken them for a couple of years.

I-DUPA (MD11C) cn 48426/468 03/92-05/05, converted to freighter, to Alitalia Cargo EI-UPA, stored at Miami.
I-DUPB (MD11P) cn 48431/534 04/93-03/04, converted to freighter, to Lufthansa Cargo D-ALCQ.
I-DUPC (MD11P) cn 48581/565 05/94-03/04, converted to freighter, to Lufthansa Cargo D-ALCR.
I-DUPD (MD11P) cn 48630/567 06/94-03/04, converted to freighter, to Lufthansa Cargo D-ALCS.
I-DUPE (MD11C) cn 48427/471 11/91-10/05, converted to freighter, to Alitalia Cargo EI-UPE, stored at Dothan,AL.
I-DUPI (MD11C) cn 48428/474 12/91-09/05, converted to freighter, to Alitalia Cargo EI-UPI, stored at Miami.
I-DUPO (MD11C) cn 48429/500 07/92-09/05, converted to freighter, to Alitalia Cargo EI-UPO, stored at Miami.
I-DUPU (MD11C) cn 48430/508, 08/92-11/05, converted to freighter, to Alitalia Cargo EI-UPU, stored at Rome.

Alitalia operated 8 MD11's at one time including the only 5 Combi's built. The first of these, I-DUPA is pictured at Milan Malpensa on 15 March 2003 (above) whilst below MD11P I-DUPD is pitured at Manchester on a football charter on 28 May 2003.

Air Alm leased a Citybird MD11 to Operate flights from Amsterdam to Curacao, the carriers base. The flights operated from December 2000 to March 2001. OO-CTB operated the flights and the aircraft retained its full Citybird livery.

American Airlines placed an order for 8 firm + 42 options on 07/02/1989. In 1990 and again 1991 , a total of 11 of the options were firmed up giving a total of 19 firm orders. The aircraft were to be a replacement for its DC10's and to open up new long haul routes. Because of the cancellation of British Caledonians order, American were able to recieve its first 3 aircraft early. However, with the difficulties MDC were experiencing with the MD11's range/fuel burn, the first aircraft was grounded and the others not delivered until the problems were solved. By the time the final aircraft had been delivered in September 1993, American had already decided on its fate, eventually placing a large order with Boeing for 777's and brokering a deal for Fedex to take the entire MD11 fleet and convert them into freighters. Fedex took the first American MD11 in 1996, the last in 2002. During service with American, the MD11 could be seen throughout Europe and the far East and South America.

N1750B cn 48419/450 05/91-02/97, converted to freighter, to Fedex N581FE. Fourth prototype. Aircraft written off 17/10/99 Subic Bay, Philippines after running off the runway.
N1751A cn 48420/451 02/91-01/96, converted to freighter, to Fedex N582FE, Fifth prototype.
N1752K cn 48421/452 04/91-06/97, converted to freighter, to Fedex N583FE.
N1753 cn 48487/469 08/91-05/96, converted to freighter, to Fedex N586FE.
N1754 cn 48489/492 03/92-09/96, converted to freighter, to Fedex N587FE.
N1755 cn 48490/499 05/92-05/00, converted to freighter, to Fedex N588FE.
N1756 cn 48491/503 06/92-03/99, converted to freighter, to Fedex N589FE.
N1757A cn 48505/462 08/91-01/98, converted to freighter, to Fedex N590FE.
N1758B cn 48527/504 07/92-01/01, converted to freighter, to Fedex N591FE.
N1759 cn 48481/482 04/92-06/98, converted to freighter, to Fedex N585FE.
N1760A cn 48550/526 02/93-01/00, converted to freighter, to Fedex N592FE.
N1761R cn 48551/527 01/93-01/01, converted to freighter, to Fedex N593FE.
N1762B cn 48552/530 02/93-06/02, converted to freighter, to Fedex N594FE.
N1763 cn 48553/531 03/93-02/02, converted to freighter, to Fedex N595FE.
N1764B cn 48554/535 03/93-09/00, converted to freighter, to Fedex N596FE.
N1765B cn 48596/537 03/93-06/02, converted to freighter, to Fedex N597FE.
N1766A cn 48597/540 05/93-06/02, converted to freighter, to Fedex N598FE.
N1767A cn 48598/550 09/93-01/02, converted to freighter, to Fedex N599FE.
N1768D cn 48436/483 04/92-10/97, converted to freighter, to Fedex N584FE.

American MD11 N1767A At Dallas/Fort Worth 16/06/2001. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Derden)

AV Cargo were established in 2013 after Avient went into administration.Financial restructering saw the airline rebranded and the first aircraft, Z-BAM was acquired from Avient and repainted into an attractive new livery. 2 more MD11's are expected to join the fleet later in 2013, however more financial problems engulfed the new carrier in 2014 and they were forced to suspend services. A new company called Global Africa Cargo has taken over the reigns.

Z-BAM cn 48746, to Z-GAB Global Africa
Z-BPL cn 48756, to Z-GAC Global Africa
Z-BVT cn 48410, to Z-GAA Global Africa

Avianca leased an MD11 from World for 5 weeks to increses capacity over the Christmas holiday period 1998/1999. The aircraft was all white, had Avianca (red) Columbia (black) titles on the fuselage and Avianca (red) up the tail. It operated on the carriers routes to the USA amongst others.

N278WA cn 48746/597 (MD11ER) lsd 10/12/98-17/01/99

Avianca leased this MD11 from World for a short time over the Christmas holidays 1998/1999. N278WA is pictured at JFK airport in January 1999. (Photo courtesy of

Avient were a cargo airline established in 1993 with its head offices in Harare, Zimbabwe and in the UK.  Operations began with DC10 freighters serving many African destiantions with flights to Europe where the main hub is Liege. An MD11 freighter was acquired in 2009 but sadly this aircraft was written off not long after entry into service at Shanghai. A second MD11 was later acquired and operated alongside a DC10 . Avient then had financial difficulties and entered administration in early 2013 but after restructering, the airline rebarnded to AV Cargo which continues to operate. 

Z-BAV cn 48408/457 (ex Korean Air & Varig Log), written off Shanghai PVG 28/11/2009
Z-BVT cn 48410/495 (ex Korean Air & Varig Log), to AV Cargo

CargoItalia were established in 2005, flying from Milan with a DC10 freighter. They merged with Alis Aerolinee Italiane in 2008 and bid to take over the cargo divison of Alitalia. This was granted early in 2009 and some of the former Alitalia Cargo MD11's were acquired to join the fleet. Operations started in August 2009 and initial routes were to New York JFK and Abu Dhabi. The first MD11 to join the fleet was EI-UPI followed by EI-UPE a few months later. More routes to Toronto, Hong Kong and Shanghai were added when the second aircraft arrived. A third former Finnair MD11 arrived in June 2010. Things were going well until the end of 2011 when the collapse of the banking system in Italy left the airline without any financing and unable to continue. Sadly a buyer wasn't found and the airline wound up. The fleet was ferried, eventually to the USA for storage and are still stored at this time. 

EI-EMS cn 48766/600 06/10-12/11, ex OH-LGF Finnair, stored Victorville, CA 
EI-UPE cn 48427/471 09/09-12/11, ex I-DUPE Alitalia, stored USA??
EI-UPI cn 48428/474 05/09-12/11, ex I-DUPI Alitalia, stored USA??

The picture below is of EI-UPE at Milan's Malpensa airport. (with thanks to Robin Bamps for the picture)

Taiwan based China Airlines ordered 4 MD11's in September 1998 for use on its long haul serives to Europe, Asia and the USA. Another was leased from GATX. All 5 were leased to Mandarin Airlines at some point and operated in Mandarins attractive blue livery. (Mandarin were set up by China Airlines in 1991). The MD11's in Mandarin colours were operated on flights for China Airlines as well as thier own. One aircraft, B-150 was lost after trying to land in a tropical storm at Hong Kong's new international airport in 1999. The MD11's were replaced by 6 A340/300's.

B-150 cn 48468 delivered 30/10/92. Leased to Mandarin from 07/1993 until 02/1999. Retained Mandarin livery. Aircraft written off at Hong Kong whilst trying to land in a tropical storm 22/08/99.

B-151 cn 48469 delivered 13/11/92. Leased to Mandarin 11/1995 until 12/1999. Re-reg to B-18172 and retained Mandarin livery. Stored in USA 10/2002. Converted to freighter, to Fedex as N577FE.

B-152 cn 48470 delivered 30/06/93. Leased to Mandarin xx/1996 until 02/1999. Re-reg to B-18151 and retained Mandarin livery. Converted to freighter,to Fedex as N579FE.

B-153 cn 48471 delivered 11/12/93. Leased to Mandarin 10/1995 until 08/1998. Re-reg to B-18152 and repainted into new China Airlines livery. Converted to freighter, to Fedex as N580FE.

N489GX cn 48458 leased from GATX 09/1992 until 02/1993 then again from 10/1997 until 04/2001. Carried Mandarins livery until 2000 then China Airlines' new livery after that. Was the final MD11 operating for China Airlines on a daily Taipei-Bangkok service. Converted to freighter and now with Fedex as N578FE.

Above-B-151 in the old colours at Hong Kong's Kai Tak in the early 1990's (photo courtesy of Andrew Hunt) and Below-Wearing the new China Airlines livery is B-18152 at Sydney in June 2001. (Photo courtesy of Sam Chui)

China Cargo Airlines was set up in 1998 as a joint venture between China Eastern airlines and China ocean shipping. It became an independant subsidiary in 2004. Parent company China Eastern operated 6 MD11F's and these were transferred to operate under the China Cargo brand. They could be seen worldwide. In Europe they operated to Paris and Luxemburg amongst others. B-2170 left the fleet in May 2010 going to Skylease Cargo, followed later in the year by B-2171/2173. The remaining 3 MD11's followed suit in early 2011 as the carrier recieved new Boeing 777 freighters. In 2011 after China Eastern bought out Shanghai airlines, China Cargo acquired 3 more MD11's as part of the deal and these were operated until early 2013.

B-2170 cn 48461, to Skylease Cargo 2010 N950AR.
B-2171 cn 48495, to Skylease Cargo 2010 N951AR.
B-2172 cn 48496, to Skylease Cargo 2011 N955AR.
B-2173 cn 48497, to Skylease Cargo 2010 N952AR.
B-2174 cn 48498, to Skylease Cargo 2011 N954AR.
B-2175 cn 48520, to Skylease Cargo 2011 N953AR.
B-2177 cn 48544, (from Shanghai Airlines) to N216SC stored Marana.
B-2178 cn 48543, (from Shanghai Airlines) to N543JN stored Marana .
B-2179 cn 48545, (from Shanghai Airlines) stored Shanghai. 

B-2174 is pictured below at Anchorage during my visit in 2006.

China Eastern placed an order for 6 MD11's on 16 January 1989 consisting of 5 passenger an 1 freighter. The MD11's were for the carriers expansion into long haul flights. B-2171 was delivered on 24/05/1991 with the other five following by 1993. The MD11's could be seen in places such as Madrid, Brussels, Los Angeles as well as destinations throughout Asia. In 1998 a deal was signed to convert 2 of the MD11's to freighters, these being B-2173 and B-2174. They and the original freighter B-2170 wore China Eastern Cargo titles. The remaining 3 passenger MD11's were converted to freighters in 2003/4 with B-2171 being the last in April 2004. All 6 now fly under the China Cargo brand.

B-2170 (MD11F) cn 48461, delivered 16/08/91.
B-2171 (MD11P) cn 48495, delivered 24/05/91, converted to freighter 01/04.
B-2172 (MD11P) cn 48496, delivered 22/05/92, converted to freighter 11/03.
B-2173 (MD11P) cn 48497, delivered 09/10/92, converted to freighter 1999.
B-2174 (MD11P) cn 48498, delivered 16/12/92, converted to freighter 2000.
B-2175 (MD11P) cn 48520, delivered 20/12/93, converted to freighter 12/03.

Seen before conversion to freighter is B-2173 at Hong Kong's Kai Tak airport in October 1996. (Photo courtesy of Frank C. Duarte Jr)

China Eastern Cargo MD11F B-2172 seen at Paris CDG 24/07/2004. (Photo courtesy of AirWim)

Cielos Del Peru leased MD11 N705GC from Gemini Cargo between June and December 2001 to boost cargo capacity. (Thanks to Patrick Nagy Fuhrer for this info, i didn't know about this lease.)

N705GC in Cielos colours seen at Miami inJune 2001. (photo courtesy of Don Boyd)

CityBird were a Belgian charter company founded in 1996. Their first MD11 was delivered in December 1996 and leased to STAR Europe until Citybirds operations started in March 1997. 3 World Airways MD11's were leased at different times until the carriers own further MD11's arrived. Citybird flew the MD11 from its base in Brussels to destinations such as Miami, Orlando and Mexico. The 2 MD11's that later joined the fleet were leased to Sabena for thier long haul services. B767's were also operated for long haul services and with the airline in financial difficulty, the MD11's left the fleet in March 2001. Citybird went bankrupt in October 2001. Thier first MD11 OO-CTB was painted in a dark green colour with white titles (as per above logo) and is probably my favourite livery seen on an MD11.

OO-CTB cn 48766 12/96-05/01, to Finnair as OH-LGF.
OO-CTC cn 48780 delivered 17/04/98 and leased to Sabena until 02/2001, stored in USA until 02/2003 and now with Finnair as OH-LGE.
OO-CTS cn 48756 delivered 30/03/98 and leased to Sabena until 03/2001, stored in USA until 12/2002 and now with World Airways as N279WA.

N271WA cn 48518 with Citybird 09/1997-????
N273WA cn 48519 with Citybird 07/1997-02/1998
N280WA cn 48458 with Citybird 05/1997-07/1997

One of my favourite liveries carried on an MD11. OO-CTB on finals for Brussels 05/05/2000. (Photo courtesy of Miguel Snoep)

Carrying the white 'Seagull' livery is N273WA on lease from World Airways and seen landing at Brussels on 31/08/1997. (Photo courtesy of Snorre - VIP Vienna International

Crossair leased a Swiss MD11 to operate its daily charter flight from Zurich to Palma De Majorca from June till October 1997. The aircraft were in full Swissair colours and no set aircraft was used. I would imagine that nearly all or indeed all of the Swissair fleet would have operated on this flight over the Summer months.

Atlanta based Delta Air Lines ordered 9 firm + 31 options for the MD11 on 22/09/1998. They required a longer range aircraft than the Lockheed Tristar for route expansion to the far East. 6 of the options were firmed up and 15 MD11's were delivered to the carrier between 1992 and 1998. However, 2 MD11's that were destined for Air Europe were leased from 1990 until the other deliveries started enabling operations to commence early. Delta were the second airline to start MD11 services. Delta had planned on getting more MD11's but after the Boeing take over of MDC in 1997 and the production line closed, its fleet strategy was rethought and B767/400's and B777's were ordered to replace the Tristars and MD11's. Delta's MD11's could be seen across Europe, India and the far East. Transatlantic services finnished in May 2003 and 3 aircraft were retained to operate the daily Atlanta-Tokyo service until January 2004. N807DE operated the final flight on 1st January 2004, DL56 from Tokyo. Three liveries were carried in their time with Delta though not all aircraft received repaints. The original (old) livery worn by all the fleet (see the picture of N892DL), the interim colours worn by most of the fleet and finally the new livery which only a few aircraft received .One aircraft, N812DE was painted in a special Olympic livery and named Centennial Spirit in line with the 100th Olympic games in Atlanta 1996. The aircraft was handed over to Delta at the Long Beach plant and flew to Athens to transport the Olympic torch back to Atlanta.

N801DE cn 48472/480 03/92-01/04, to World Airways.
N802DE cn 48473/481 04/92-12/03, converted to freighter, to UPS N293UP.
N803DE cn 48474/485 05/92-03/03, to World Airways.
N804DE cn 48475/489 05/92-12/03, to World Airways.
N805DE cn 48476/510 11/92-02/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N522FE.
N806DE cn 48477/511 11/92-xx/04, converted to freighter, to UPS N291UP.
N807DE cn 48478/514 12/92-01/04, converted to freighter, to Fedex N521FE.
N808DE cn 48479/536 10/93-05/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N523FE.
N809DE cn 48480/538 06/93-05/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N524FE.
N810DE cn 48565/542 06/93-04/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N525FE.
N811DE cn 48566/543 06/93-06/04, converted to freighter, to UPS N292UP.
N812DE cn 48601/562 04/96-11/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N527FE.
N813DE cn 48600/560 10/96-12/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N526FE.
N814DE cn 48623/605 09/96-05/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N528FE.
N815DE cn 48624/622 02/98-05/03, converted to freighter, to Fedex N529FE.
N891DL cn 48411/453 leased to Delta 21/12/90-12/1993. To Vasp as PP-SPD.
N892DL cn 48412/454 leased to Delta 22/12/90-12/1993. To Vasp as PP-SPE.

One of the first 2 MD11's Delta leased before their own were delivered, N892DL is seen at LAX in March 1993. (Photo courtesy of Frank C. Duarte Jr.)

In the Interim colours is N802DE on finals to Atlanta on 17/01/2002. (Photo courtesy of Gregg Stansbery)

Wearing the new Delta livery is N813DE seen rotating at Atlanta on 17/06/2003. (Photo courtesy of Gregg Stansbery)

El Al leased MD11's from World Airways to boost capacity on its transatlantic services during the Summers of 1998 and 2000. N278WA was used in 1998 and was all white, the blue EL AL logo on the forward fuse and the Star of David between 2 dark blue stripes on the tail. The aircraft was primarily used on the Los Angeles/Tel Aviv route.
N277WA had similar scheme to 278 but smaller black titles and a black Star of David on the tail. This aircraft operated in 2000. There may have been an MD11 operating in Summer 1999 as well but i am still trying to confirm this.

N277WA cn 48743 (MD11ER) lsd Summer 2000
N278WA cn 48746 (MD11ER) lsd 06/98-10/98

N278WA leased from World Airways is seen at LAX operating for EL AL on its service to Tel Aviv in September 1998. (Photo courtesy of Mark Durbin)

After leasing various wide body freighters over a number of years, Ethiopian Airlines acquired 2 of thier own MD11F's in 2009. The first, ET-AML was delivered on 31st Jan 2009 and bought direct from Boeing, the second arrived in August 2009 and was be leased. A third was on the cards for late 2009 but they have decided on purchasing 777 freighters to bolster the fleet. The MD11's were used to destiantions such as Liege, Hong Kong and Dubai. They were retired from the fleet in early 2015, replaced by newer 777's and were ferried to the USA for storgae. 

ET-AML cn 48758, to N545BC, stored at Victorville
ET-AND cn 48780, to N546BC, stored at Victorville

ET-AML on finals to Liege (photo courtesy of Robin Bamps)

Taiwans first private airline company EVA Air ordered MD11's in 1989. In total EVA operated 12 MD11's. 3 passenger examples were deliverd followed by 9 freighters. Passenger services bagan in 1994 to destaination in Asia and Australia. In Europe, they operated to Vienna.
Dedicated freighter services began in 1995 and finished in March 2015. The freighters could be seen worldwide from the USA, London, Europe and the Far East. MD11 Passenger services ceased in 2003 and the 3 aircraft were converted to freighters. 4 aircraft were later leased to Shanghai Cargo Airlines in which Eva Air had a stake and EVA has also leased aircraft from World Airways at different times too.

MD11P B-16101 cn 48542/570. 08/94-05/12, cvtd to freighter 2004, to Nordic Global OH-NGA
MD11P B-16102 cn 48543/572. 09/94-08/07, cvtd to freighter 2004, to Shanghai Cargo B-2178
MD11P N103EV cn 48415/576. 11/94-06/05, rereg b-16103 in 1999, cvtd to freighter, to Shanghai Cargo B-2176
MD11F N105EV cn 48544/580. 03/95-10/06, to Shanghai Cargo B-2177
MD11F B-16106 cn 48545/587. 06/95-05/08, to Shanghai Cargo B-2179
MD11F B-16107 cn 48546/589. 08/95-10/12, to Nordic Global OH-NGB
MD11F B-16108 cn 48778/619. 11/97-10/14, stored USA
MD11F B-16109 cn 48779/620. 12/97-01/15, stored USA
MD11F B-16110 cn 48786/630. 10/98-01/14, stored USA
MD11F B-16111 cn 48787/631. 11/98-08/13, stored USA
MD11F B-16112 cn 48789/633. 07/99-03/14, stored USA
MD11F B-16113 cn 48790/634. 08/99-03/15, stored USA

The picture below is one of mine and taken of B-16113 about to depart from Anchorage in July 2006. 

Garuda Indonesia placed an order for 6 MD11's through GPA leasing. The first 3 aircraft carried Irish registrations. The 3 remaining aircraft were not taken up by GPA but delivered through MDC leasing and carried Indonesian registrations. The MD11's replaced older equioment on long haul flights-namely DC10's and B747's and could be seen in London's Gatwick airport, Honolulu and airports throughout Europe and the far East. The 3 Irish registered aircraft were returned in 1996 and 1997 and another 3 were obtained. These additional 3 were ER models. All 6 were returned to the leasing company (Boeing) after the Asian financial crisis of 1998 and then leased to Varig. Garuda has also leased MD11's from World Airways for the pilgramage to Mecca.

EI-CDI cn 48499/486 12/91-12/96, to Varig PP-VPN.
EI-CDJ cn 48500/493 04/92-03/97, to Varig PP-VPO.
EI-CDK cn 48501/513 09/92-09/97, to Varig PP-VPP.
PK-GIG cn 48502/520 10/93-09/98, to Varig PP-VQF.
PK-GII cn 48503/528 10/93-07/98, to Varig PP-VQG.
PK-GIJ cn 48504/548 12/93-07/98, to Varig PP-VQH.
PK-GIK cn 48753/608 12/96-07/98, to Varig PP-VQI (MD11ER).
PK-GIL cn 48755/613 05/97-06/98, to Varig PP-VQJ (MD11ER).
PK-GIM cn 48758/615 11/97-06/98, to Varig PP-VQK (MD11ER).

The following MD11's have been leased by Garuda for Hadj flights to Mecca over the years;

OH-LGA Finnair (04/95)
N271WA World (04/95)
N272WA World (04/93,04/95,02/00)
N273WA World (04/93,04/95,03/98)
N275WA World (04/95,04/96,03/98,02/00,03/01)
N276WA World (05/95,04/96,01/01)
N277WA World (02/00,01/01)
N278WA World (02/00)
N280WA World (04/93,04/94,04/95)

Garuda MD11 PK-GIJ climbing out from Honolulu 17/11/1995. (photo courtesy of Chris Hopkins)

Gemini Air Cargo were established in 1995 as an ACMI(Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, & Insurance) company, initially with a fleet of DC10's. 2 MD11's were acquired from Varig in 1999 and another 2 in 2000, this time from Vasp. All 4 were converetd to freighters. Mainly based out of Miami and Washington they could be seen throughout the USA, Europe and Far East operating on behalf of airlines such as Fedex and Air France among others. Gemini went into financial difficulty on 2006 but carried on until August 2008 when the global financial crisis and rising oil prices finally took its toll. The 4 MD11's were ferried to Goodyear, AZ but have all now found new homes, 3 with World Airways and 1 with Centurion Air cargo.

N701GC cn 48434 12/99-08/08, to Centurion Air Cargo.
N702GC cn 48435 01/00-08/08, to World Airways N383WA.
N703GC cn 48411 02/01-08/08, to World Airways N382WA.
N705GC cn 48412 06/00-08/08, to World Airways N384WA.

Ghana Airways leased an MD11 from World Airways for 6 months from October 1994 till March 1995. The aircraft was all white, had large Ghana Airways titles on the fuse and the Ghana Airways logo on the tail engine. The aircraft operated primarily on the New York route.

N280WA cn 48458

Ghana Airways leased World MD11 N280WA for six months in 1994. The aircraft is pictured at New York's JFK airport. (photo courtesy of Bill Hough)

Japan Airlines (JAL) ordered 10 firm + 10 options for the MD11 in March 1989 as a replacement for its fleet of DC10's. The options were never exercised. Aircraft were delivered between 1993 and 1997. The 10 MD11's were christened J Birds as they were named after endangered birds and carried images of the birds on the winglets and fuselage. The JAL MD11's could be seen from airports such as Zurich, London Heathrow (in latter years), throughout the far East and the USA. Ironically the DC10's they were meant to replace have outlasted the MD11 in JAL's fleet. Both the DC10's and MD11's are being replaced with Boeing 767's and 777's. The final flight was JL730 on 12/10/2004 from Hong Kong to Tokyo with JA8582. (just a week later Swiss operated it last MD11 flight). JA8582 was the only MD11 to be repainted in JAL's new colours. The entire fleet have been converted to freighters and are now operating with UPS.

JA8580 cn 48571/552 11/93-03/03, converted to freighter and now with UPS as N272UP.
JA8581 cn 48572/556 12/93-02/03, converted to freighter and now with UPS as N271UP.
JA8582 cn 48573/559 04/94-12/04, converted to freighter and now with UPS as N279UP.
JA8583 cn 48574/566 08/94-02/03, converted to freighter and now with UPS as N273UP.
JA8584 cn 48575/568 09/94-11/03, converted to freighter and now with UPS as N274UP.
JA8585 cn 48576/574 04/95-11/02, converted to freighter and now with UPS as N270UP.
JA8586 cn 48577/583 04/95-10/04, converted to freighter and now with UPS as N278UP.
JA8587 cn 48578/588 06/95-10/04, converted to freighter and now with UPS as N277UP.
JA8588 cn 48579/599 04/96-04/04, converted to freighter and now with UPS as N276UP.
JA8589 cn 48774/610 03/97-01/04, converted to freighter and now with UPS as N275UP.

Above-JAL MD11JA8587 seen about to depart Singapore on 23/08/2003. Below-JA8582 in the new JAL clrs landing at Narita 08/02/2004. (Photo's courtesy of Andrew Hunt)

Korean Air ordered 4 MD11 firm + 4 options in February 1987. I option was later firmed up. These were to replace its fleet of 5 DC10's. The MD11's were used on services throughout Asia and to the USA. In the mid 1990's, with the need for more cargo capacity, the decision was taken to convert 3 of the aircraft to freighters. They operated as Korean Air Cargo. The other 2 aircraft were also converted to freighters in 1999. Korean Air lost one of its MD11's after it crashed shortly after take off from Shanghai in 1999. The final aircraft has only recently left Koreans fleet (HL7371). The MD11's were replaced by more B747/400F's.

HL7371 cn 48407 delivered 28/02/91, converted to freighter xx/1999, to World Airways 04/2005 as N380WA.

HL7372 cn 48408 delivered 25/01/91, converted to freighter 06/1995, stored at Rio 12/2004, to Varig Logistica as PR-LGD 05/2005.

HL7373 cn 48409 delivered 24/03/92, converted to freighter 03/1996, written off Shanghai 15/04/99.

HL7374 cn 48410 delivered 20/05/92, converted to freighter 08/1997, stored at Rio 12/2004, to Varig Logistica as PR-LGE 05/2005.

HL7375 cn 48523 delivered 27/10/92, converted to freighter xx/1999, to World Airways 05/2005 as N381WA.

Korean MD11 HL7374 departing from LAX in May 1995. (Photo courtesy of Frank C.Duarte Jr.)

Only months before retiring from service with Korean, HL7371 is seen at JFK airport, New York in October 2004. (Photo courtesy of Michael F. Mclaughlin)

KLM were a long time Douglas customer and infact the only airline to all operate all Douglas aircraft from the DC-2 to the MD11. 10 aircraft were operated from Amsterdam to worldwide destinations though predominately Trans Atlantic routes, especially in later years. PH-KCI was leased to Vasp for 3 years before joining the rest of the fleet in 1998. KLM were the last operator of passenger MD11's and this finnished in October 2014 with the last scheduled arrival into Amsterdam from Montreal of KL 672 operated by PH-KCE. All 10 aircraft were named after famous ladies and all 10 have unfortunately gone for scrap. KLM also operated a series of farewell MD11 flights in November 2014 operated by PH-KCD. These were to be the very last MD11 operated passenger flights ever.

PH-KCA cn 48555/557 12/93-08/14
PH-KCB cn 48556/561 03/94-10/14
PH-KCC cn 48557/569 06/94-04/13
PH-KCD cn 48558/573 09/94-11/14
PH-KCE cn 48559/575 11/94-10/14
PH-KCF cn 48560/578 12/94-10/12
PH-KCG cn 48561/585 05/95-11/12
PH-KCH cn 48562/591 08/95-07/12
PH-KCI cn 48563/593 11/95-09/12
PK-KCK cn 48564/612 04/97-10/13

Below is PH-KCD is seen operating one of the farewell flights at Amsterdam in November 2014. (Photo courtesy of Steve Hampton)

LTU ordered 3 firm + 1 option in December 1986 for delivery in April 1991. The 1 option was later converted to a firm order. The MD11's were to replace LTU's Lockheed Tristars on its charter flights from Germany. They operated both short and long haul flights to destinations such as Palma De Majorca, Florida and Mexico. The MD11's saw nearly 7 years service before being replaced by Airbus A330's. Swissair then took all 4 MD11's from LTU.

D-AERB cn 48484/484 12/91-10/98, to Swissair HB-IWR.
D-AERW cn 48485/502 06/92-11/98, to Swissair HB-IWS.
D-AERX cn 48486/509 08/92-11/98, to Swissair HB-IWT.
D-AERZ cn 48538/533 03/93-10/98, to Swissair HB-IWU.

LTU MD11 D-AERZ at Faro on 23/04/1994. (Photo courtesy of Pedro Aragao)

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